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Professional Attendees


Dr. Rafi Hofstein - Panelist and Keynote

Director, RHL; Former President and CEO, MaRS Innovation

Dr. Rafi Hofstein came to Toronto from Israel in 2009 to assume the position of President & CEO of a newly formed organization called MaRS Innovation (now, Toronto Innovation Acceleration Partners, TIAP). At this position Dr. Hofstein supported and led to the creation of over fifty start-up companies in the healthcare space.

Cheryl Reicin - Panelist and Keynote (M3)

Chair, Torys’ Life Science Group

Cheryl is Chair of Torys’ Life Science Group, a cross-border Canada/US group. She has been named LMG Life Science’s Transactional Lawyer of the Year; Best Lawyers Life Science Lawyer of the Year; Canada’s Top 25 Women of Influence and the Hall of Fame - Canada's 100 Most Powerful Women.

Hadi Salah - Panelist

Director, New Ventures, SE Health

Hadi leads venture development, investments, & acquisitions at SE Health. He recently led strategy, investments, and partnerships at RBC Ventures and the Office of Innovation for the Ontario Ministry of Health as their industry lead. Hadi is a co-founder of Hacking Health supporting health innovation across the globe.

Dr. Teodor Grantcharov - Panelist

CEO, Surgical Safety Technologies

Dr. Teodor Grantcharov is a Professor of Surgery at the University of Toronto and holds the Keenan Chair in Surgery at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. He currently sits on the Editorial Boards of the British Journal of Surgery and Surgical Endoscopy. He is the inaugural Director of the International Centre for Surgical Safety – a multidisciplinary group of visionary scientists with expertise in design, human factors, computer- and data science, and healthcare research. His clinical interest is the area of minimally invasive surgery, while his academic focus is on the field of surgical innovation and patient safety.

Dr. Dafna Sussman - Panelist

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Ryerson

Dr. Dafna Sussman is an assistant professor of Biomedical Engineering at Ryerson University and of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at the University of Toronto. She directs the Maternal-Fetal Imaging lab at iBEST, St. Michael's Hospital, which specializes in developing and clinically applying novel techniques that facilitate maternal-fetal imaging and early diagnosis.


Ran Manor - Professional Attendee

Director of Innovation, Baycrest

As the head of BIO I oversee a team of innovation partners at Baycrest. The Baycrest Innovation Office (BIO) is the central point of innovation across Baycrest. We support innovators, bring to Baycrest new innovative technologies and support new strategic initiatives.

Harry Gandhi - Professional Attendee

Manager, iBoost Zone, Ryerson University

I am an entrepreneur working on a high-tech start-up, a casual chess player, and a go-getter. I have worked in multi-disciplinary fields, including robotics, DNA sequencing, biotechnology, health IT and helping start a life science incubator. My passion is to transform ideas into actions that break Nash Equilibrium.

Dr. Malvika Nagrath - Professional Attendee 

Graduate Student, Ryerson University

I am a dentist by background with a masters degree in biomaterials and am pursuing PhD Biomedical Engineering at Ryerson University. I aspire to work in the field of biomaterials to solve clinically relevant problems. I am also interested in translating the innovations for commercialization.

Johann Chang - Professional Attendee

Technical Manager, Dialco Medical Inc

Johann Chang is the Technical Support Specialist at Spectral Medical based in Toronto, Ontario. Johann received a Bachelor of Science degree from University Of Waterloo.

Dr. Erica Conte - Professional Attendee

Director, Funding Strategy and Stewardship, Unity Health Toronto

Dr. Erica Conte is the Director of Funding Strategy and Stewardship at Unity Health Toronto. She hold a PhD in Physiology, completed a CIHR post-doctoral fellowship, has experience in the medical device industry, and has been a growing leader in research administration over the past 8 years.

Dr. Owais Khan - Professional Attendee

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering-Ryerson University

Dr. Khan is a University of Toronto alum and joined Stanford University as a Postdoctoral Fellow and was funded by the prestigious NSERC and American Heart Association. He is now an Assistant Professor in Biomedical Engineering at Ryerson University. His research integrates computational modeling and medical imaging to study cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Karline Wilson-Mitchell - Professional Attendee

Director, Midwifery, Ryerson University

Karline Wilson-Mitchell is passionate about reproductive justice that informs midwifery education, practice and global partnerships. Her scholarship explores the skills and infrastructure necessary to diversify the midwifery workforce, and explores strategies that facilitate equitable and inclusive work environments for midwives and vulnerable populations. Her goal is to promote resilience and sagacity in vulnerable midwifery students.

Dr. David Cramb - Professional Attendee

Dean, Faculty of Science, Ryerson University

Dr. Cramb Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia. He was a Professor at the University of Calgary and currently, he is a Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Biology and the Dean of Faculty of Science at Ryerson University. Dr Cramb’s research group is interested in the application of nanotechnology to biomedicine. These applications include multiple biomolecular binding and membrane dynamics.

Dr. Muhammad Mamdani - Professional Attendee

Vice President of Data Science and Advanced Analytics , Unity Health Toronto

Dr. Mamdani is Vice President of Data Science and Advanced Analytics at Unity Health Toronto and Professor of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Public Health at the University of Toronto. Dr. Mamdani has previously been named among Canada's Top 40 under 40 and has published over 500 studies in medical journals.

Dr. Naimul Khan - Professional Attendee

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering-Ryerson University

Dr. Naimul Khan is an assistant professor at Ryerson where he co-directs the Ryerson Multimedia Research Laboratory. His research focuses on user-centric intelligent systems combining machine learning, computer vision and Augmented/Virtual Reality. He has an impressive record of publications in premier multimedia, AI, and health informatics venues, and a rich history of industry collaboration with media and healtchare companies in Toronto and beyond. Notable projects include outdoor AR storytelling and exhibits, computer aided diagnosis of neonatal anomalies, and non-pharmacological anxiety reduction.

Andreia_Moretzsohn .jpeg
Dr. Andreia Moretzsohn, MD - Professional Attendee 

Manager, Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Science and Technology (iBEST)

Andreia is the manager at iBEST and has over 10 years of experience in the health care sector developing and managing health research and innovation projects involving a wide range of stakeholders. She graduated as a physician and recently completed a Master’s in Health Administration through the University of Regina.

Dr. Padina Pezeshki - Professional Attendee

Senior Clinical Research Specialist and Medical Science Advisor, Medical Affairs, Medtronic

In her role, Padina is responsible for all the Canadian clinical research tasks, study management, liaising with external clinical and research scientists, internal business consulting and education in Medtronic's Medical Surgical portfolio.

Dr. Reza Samavi - Professional Attendee

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering-Ryerson University

Dr. Samavi is a faculty affiliate with the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence alongside his current role. His research interests include Data Security & Privacy, Safety & Security of Machine Learning Algorithms, and Trustworthy AI. For his research on AI and Security, he has received several research grants from NSERC, SOSCIP, MITACS, HHS, IDEaS. For his research on information privacy he has received the Privacy Technologies Research Award from IBM and the Privacy By Design Research Award from the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.

Krystyne Kontos - Professional Attendee

Coordinator, Centre for Engineering, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Ryerson University


Dr. Bradley Strauss - Professional Attendee

Former Chief of Cardiology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Dr. Strauss is an interventional cardiologist with a specific interest in coronary chronic total occlusions and developing novel cardiac devices and therapies. He is also interested in the commercialization of coronary innovations. Dr. Strauss is a founder of the Medventions Innovation Program at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

Riya Mehta - Professional Attendee

CEO, Futureshot Factory

Mehta is the CEO and Co-Founder of Futureshot Factory, a startup that leverages technology to solve problems within social impact for the SDG goals of the United Nations. She is currently working at the Sick Kids research program and focuses on how neural networks and VR can help to classify diseases in developing countries and the global health crisis. A personal project she is working on, Virtuary, aims to bring the use of VR Hospitals in developing country clinics through 3D medical visualization & SLAM.

Dr. Christopher Choy - Professional Attendee

Postdoctoral Fellow, Ryerson University and Sanofi Pasteur

industrial postdoctoral fellow through MITACS in collaboration between Sanofi Pasteur (analytical science department), Ryerson University (Dr. Botelho), and the University of Toronto at Scarborough (Dr. Terebiznik). Research focuses on immunology-based vaccine development. Trained in cell biology and lysosomal biogenesis, through phagocytosis and phosphoinositides.

Reza Eslami - Professional Attendee

CEO, Sensofine

I am a Ph.D. student and CEO of Sensofine Inc. The research is focusing on the self-powered wearable platform for monitoring the biomarkers in sweat. This platform consists of motion-charging, energy-storing, and biosensors, which are implemented on the flexible microfluidic substrate. Right now, my focus is the biosensor and self-charging/storing.

Renee Baptiste-Skyers - Professional Attendee

Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist, Resilience Biotechnologies Inc.


Dr. Ali Tavallaei - Professional Attendee

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering-Ryerson University

Dr. Tavallaei’s research focuses on image guided therapy. With an ultimate goal of technology transfer, he aims to address unmet needs in minimally invasive image guided interventions through the design and development of novel medical systems and devices followed by their preclinical and clinical evaluation. Some specific areas of interest are: image guided cardiovascular interventions, medical imaging instrumentation, medical systems and devices, medical robotics and mechatronics.

Dr. Stanley Herman - Professional Attendee

Corporate Chief of Anesthesia and Co-Medical Director of the Surgical, William Osler Health

Dr. Herman is the Corporate Chief of Anesthesia and Co-Medical Director of the Surgical Program, William Osler Health System in Brampton, Ontario. He is also a physician volunteer with Magen David Adom, the Israeli National EMS. His interest is in Disaster Management and Medical Technology use in the Field.

Dr. Lauren Wirtzfeld - Professional Attendee

Senior Ultrasound Systems Developer, FUJIFILMS Visual Sonic Inc

Lauren Wirtzfeld is a Senior Ultrasound Systems Developer at FujiFilm VisualSonics Inc. working on research ultrasound systems. She earned her B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science, University of Toronto, and her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Western University. She completed postdoctoral fellowships in quantitative ultrasound at the University of Illinois and Ryerson University.

Dr. Georg Schmolzer - Professional Attendee

Associate Professor, University of Alberta

Schmolzer is an Associate Professor in the Department of Paediatrics, University of Alberta. His research in the Centre Centre for the Studies of Asphyxia and Resuscitation focuses on understanding basic respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic changes during fetal to neonatal transition while improving diagnosis, mitigating risk and improving survival and quality of life for newborns.

Brianna Croft - Professional Attendee

Program Manager, Futures / Innovation Team, SE Health

Brianna Croft is a Program Manager on the Futures team at SE Health, a major national seniors aging and home care company. Brianna leads SE Health's projects with the CAN Health Network, a national partnership comprised of leading Canadian Health organizations and health technology companies across Canada.

Angela Tao - Professional Attendee

Career Education Specialist, FEAS, Ryerson Co-op & Career Centre

Former recruiter turned higher-education professional. Currently the career education specialist from the Ryerson Career and Co-op Centre supporting engineering students in their job search journey! Feel free to ask me anything career related (Career Discovery, Networking Tips, Application Writing Support, Navigating the workplace).

Dr. Dafna Sussman - Professional Attendee

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Ryerson

Dr. Dafna Sussman is an assistant professor of Biomedical Engineering at Ryerson University and of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at the University of Toronto. She directs the Maternal-Fetal Imaging lab at iBEST, St. Michael's Hospital, which specializes in developing and clinically applying novel techniques that facilitate maternal-fetal imaging and early diagnosis.

Aaron Leibtag - Professional Attendee

Founder and CEO, Pentavere Research Group Inc.

Before starting Pentavere, Aaron spent over 15 years leading organizational transformation, analytics, and operations at various global retail organizations and funds who owned consumer facing assets. Aaron is a former member of the Dean's Advisory Council at Ryerson University's School of Retail Management, vice chair of the Sinai Health System Volunteer Advisory Committee, and current board member at the Museum of Modern Contemporary Art Toronto.

Dr. Ketan Marballi - Professional Attendee

Ryerson University

Dr. Marballi is a neuroscientist with a passion for career development. He has written for Insidehighered and organizes career development events for STEMPeers. He recently joined the Career and Co-op Centre at Ryerson as a Career Education Specialist supporting graduate students for the Faculty of Science.

Dr. Na Yu - Professional Attendee

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Ryerson University


Dr. Steven Cordeiro Matos - Professional Attendee

Medical Science Liaison, Elvium Life Sciences

I'm an experienced Medical Science Liaison, focused on credibility & delivering scientific value to external & internal stakeholders. My expertise is in neurosciences, psychiatry and oncology supportive care. I've dabbled in music and I'm a neuroscientist by training (McGill PhD), which helps bridging the gap between lab bench & bedside.

Dr. Michael Kolios - Professional Attendee

Associate Dean Research and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Science, Ryerson University; Professor, Department of Physics, Ryerson University

Dr. Kolios is Professor in the Department of Physics at Ryerson University, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Science and a co-director of the Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Science and Technology (iBEST). His research focuses on the biomedical use of ultrasound and optics in diagnosis and therapy.

Malik Khan - Professional Attendee

Testing Engineer, Dialco Medical Inc.

I graduated from Ryerson University in 2018 receiving a BEng in Biomedical Engineering. My position is currently titled as "Testing Engineer" at Dialco Medical Inc. I complete inspections and installations on Dialysis machines making sure they are ready for clinical use as well as regulatory submissions.

Aviva Pratzer - Professional Attendee

Business Development, Marketing & Customer Success Manager, Pentavere Research Group Inc.

Before Pentavere, Aviva worked in marketing analytics in the US and Canada. Accustomed to rich data sources to sell consumer products, Aviva was shocked as her clinician sister struggled to leverage data to improve patient care. Inspired, Aviva joined Pentavere after her MBA to help solve this challenge in healthcare.

Adrian Layne - Professional Attendee

Career Development Specialist, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science, Ryerson University

Currently, as a Career Development Specialist, Layne deploys career development programming for students and alumni at Ryerson University. During his downtime he assists and consults local businesses, such as LAN Lords Gaming Centre and Keystone Dance Studio on business development best practices.

Sakeena Mihar - Professional Attendee

Founder and CEO, Savyn Tech

Sakeena is the founder and CEO of Savyn, an award-winning social impact venture for inclusive digital mental health care providing virtual PTSD therapies in multiple languages. Alongside, she runs workshops on Islamophobia, bystander intervention, equity and inclusion issues for several organizations. She is also a speaker on gendered Islamophobia and spoken at conferences and events. She co-founded and is the co-chair of the first Muslim Faculty and Staff community network at Ryerson University.

Vic Chiang - Professional Attendee

Savyn Tech


Ramtin Rahbar - Professional Attendee

Senior Manager, Resilience Biotechnologies Inc


Paul Hacking - Professional Attendee

Operations Coordinator, Ryerson University - Biomedical Zone

Experienced in Operations and Project Management with a demonstrated history of working in the biotech/biomedical industry. Currently managing the operations of a health-tech accelerator for biomedical and digital health startups at the Biomedical Zone a partnership between Ryerson University and Unity Health Toronto.

Yassine Bensaada - Professional Attendee

Commercial Analyst, Business Insights & Commercial Operations, Elvium Life Sciences

Yassine is a Commercial Analyst with the Business Insights & Commercial Operations team at Elvium Life Sciences, where he leads the Analytics responsibilities for the ADHD portfolio. Yassine completed an MBiotech from the University of Toronto, with previous experience working with the Business Development Team at Elvium.

Headshot Imran Sheikh.jpg
Imran Sheikh - Professional Attendee

E-Health Program Lead, Health Information and Performance, Health PEI


Dr. David Eisenstat - Professional Attendee

Paediatric Dentist; Fellow, Royal College of Dentists Canada

Dr. David Eisenstat graduated from UofT Dental School in 1989 and spent one year at the Luba Slome Jerusalem Dental Centre for Children. He returned to Toronto and completed his paediatric dental training in 1993 at UofT. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada.

Dr. Kourosh Zareinia - Professional Attendee

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Ryerson University

Kourosh Zareinia earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering (robotics) from the University of Manitoba, Canada, in 2012. He is an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. His research interests include haptics, surgical robotics, smart surgical tools, and haptics.

Talia Johnson - Professional Attendee

Consultant, Talent Acqusition, Apotex Inc.

Talia brings over 9 years of experience in recruitment and HR expertise, within the pharmaceutical, healthcare, finance, retail, and consumer goods packaging industries and currently manages the Apotex Campus program for the GTA and Brantford sites.

Maurice Fernandes - Professional Attendee

Career Education Specialist, Faculty of Science, Ryerson Career and Co-op Centre

Maurice Fernandes is an award-winning HR professional with 20 years of experience. Maurice has spoken about recruitment best practices at a variety of conferences and contributed to articles for the Globe and Mail, and the Canadian HR Reporter. Maurice is currently a member of the Ryerson Careers & Co-op Centre.

Robert Lepage - Professional Attendee

Director, Scientific Services, Six Degrees Medical

Robert is Director, Scientific Services at Six Degrees Medical with >20 years of medical writing and clinical research knowledge.
Robert has strong management and leadership skills to mentor staff and provides strategic leadership. He is known for being bold, fun and knows the importance of lifelong learning.

Cassandra Carapellucci - Professional Attendee

HR Manager, Human Resources, Six Degrees Medical

Strategic Human Resources leader experienced in planning, developing and successfully implementing key people programs that are aligned with business objectives. Focused on driving engagement with employees, retaining and developing top talent and creating a positive culture. 

Amalia Gil - Professional Attendee

Clinical Implementation Engineer, Surgical Safety Technologies

Amalia is a Clinical Implementation Engineer at Surgical Safety Technologies. She graduated from the Master of Health Science in Clinical Engineering program at UofToronto, having completed an internship at UHN. She also has a BASc from UofWaterloo with 6+ years of industry experience.

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