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Keynote & Panelists
Dafna Sussman.jpeg

Dr. Dafna Sussman is an assistant professor in Biomedical Engineering and Biomedical Physics at Toronto Metropolitan University, an adjunct professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Toronto, and an affiliate scientist at the Keenan Research Centre for Biomedical Sciences at St. Michael's Hospital. She is also the Director of the Maternal-Fetal Imaging (MFI) lab at the iBEST institute, St. Michael's Hospital. Dr. Sussman’s research focuses on the development and clinical applications of novel techniques that facilitate maternal, fetal, and placental diagnostic imaging.

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Dr. Dafna Sussman
Keynote Speaker 

Assistant Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University in Biomedical Engineering

Networking Guests

Group A

Karan Bagga.jpeg

Medical device startup Co-Founder with an engineering background and clinical research experience.

Karan Bagga

Co-Founder at Quantum Bolt
Technologies Inc.

Vic Shao-Chih Chiang.jpg

Vic Shao-Chih Chiang 蔣紹志 is a Taiwan-born New Zealander. He founded the Open Mind Discussion Forum to debate diverse controversial issues from opposing views. This enabled him to experience countless “Socratic maieutikè”, which fostered deeper cultural awareness within him. He aims to cultivate epistemological diversity, especially through the lens of marginalized communities. With this goal in mind and his mental health struggles, he is the co-founder of the award-winning, Toronto-based social impact venture, Savyn Tech. By the same token and because of his LGBTQ2S+ identity, his research focuses on the neuroscience of sexual diversity. He brings with him a plethora of research experiences from across the globe such as at Harvard Medical School, University College London, Tsinghua University (Beijing) etc, whilst recognising injustices exacerbated by elite institutions. 

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Vic Shao-Chih Chiang

Co-Founder at Savyn Tech

Taymaa May.jpg


Dr. Taymaa May

Associate Professor and Surgeon Scientist at University Health Network 

Peter Zawadzki.jpg

Peter Zawadzki (R.Ph., BSc. Phm., BPHA) is an advocacy and government/private payer strategist, and a consultant pharmacist. Currently, he is the Principal of Peter Zawadzki Consulting, focusing on patient and market access, stakeholder partnerships, research, and strategic direction that gains access to leading edge therapies and health technologies for patients in need. Peter is a past member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA) and the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA). Peter is the co-author of the best-selling book, Mothers & Fathers: Health and Financial Advice to Share with Your Parents and is the recipient of the Ontario Pharmacists’ Association Mortar and Pestle Award of Merit for his outstanding achievements in promoting the profession of pharmacy.

Peter Zawadski

Consultant Pharmacist / Advocacy & External Relations Strategist at Peter Zawadski Consulting

Garima Maheshwari.JPG

Talent Acquisition Professional working with Novocol Pharma (A Septodont Company).

Garima Maheshwari

Talent Acquisition Specialist at
Novocol Pharma


Regulatory Affairs Consultant, specializing in medical device quality systems. Offering pro bono consulting services to TMU startups. PhD in Biomedical engineering from Toronto Metropolitan University.

Dr. Daniella Marx

Regulatory Affairs Associate at
Docusys Corporation

Elodie Lugez.jpg

Elodie Lugez received her M.Sc. degree from Telecom Saint-Etienne, Jean Monnet University, France in 2011. She received her Ph.D. from Queen's University, Kingston, Canada in 2016. She has balanced industrial, academic and clinical experiences. Since 2010, her research has been focused on intra-operative tools and organs tracking for radiotherapy. 

Dr. Elodie Lugez

Assistant Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University

Aziz Uddin.jpg

Aziz is a passionate and enthusiastic biomedical engineering graduate from Toronto Met. After completing his final year, Aziz was employed as a software development engineer at a medical software company called ViTAA Medical. At his current job, he works with doctors and scientists to create algorithms to help diagnose and treat aortic aneurysms.

Aziz Uddin

Software Development Engineer at
ViTAA Medical Solutions

Crestina Beites.jpg

Dr. Crestina Beites is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Science at TMU where she teaches Anatomy and Physiology courses. She previously taught in the School of Midwifery and Chem/Biochem depts at Laurentian University in both the English and French streams. Her research interests lie in the area of induced lactation in cis and trans individuals .

Dr. Crestina Beites

Assistant Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University in Chemistry and Biology


Dean of Science. Nanomedicine for COVID applications.

Dr. David Cramb

Dean of Science at Toronto Metropolitan University


Dr. April Khademi is Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Toronto Metropolitan University and Principle Investigator of the Image Analysis in Medicine Lab (IAMLAB), which specializes in the design of AI algorithms for pathology and radiology images. She is also an Affiliate Scientist at St. Michael’s Hospital and Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Science & Technology (iBEST) and Investigator for the Canadian Consortium of Neurodegeneration and Aging. April had previous roles in research at University of Guelph, GE Healthcare/Omnyx, Pathcore Inc., Sunnybrook Research Institute and Toronto Rehab Institute. She is a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario and IEEE Senior Member. More information:

Dr. April Khademi

Associate Professor of ECBE at Toronto Metropolitan University

Roberto Botelho.jpg

Dr. Roberto Botelho is a Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University since 2008 and a Tier II Canada Research Chair holder in Organelle Adaptation and Function. He has published more than 60 scholarly works to date that help reveal the molecular underpinnings of the endo-lysosomal system and phagosome maturation in phagocytic cells. He was a recipient of the Early Researcher Award from the Government of Ontario, the Maud Menten New Investigator Award, and holds a Tier II Canada Research Chair.

Dr. Roberto Botelho

Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University in Chemistry and Biology


Dr. Yu is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics at Toronto Metropolitan University. Her research focuses on the computational neuroscience and biomedical hyperspectral image.

Dr. Na Yu

Assistant Professor at  Ryerson University in Mathematics

Vera Nenadovic.jpg

I am a clinician with 30 years of healthcare experience, neuroscientist, author and entrepreneur.
I am founder of BrainsView a startup developing software to analyze brainwaves in brain injury, epilepsy and other neuropathologies.

Vera Nenadovic

Nurse Practitioner and Neuroscientist at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab

Tanya Guha.jpg

I've been working in the medical communications field for the last three years. My focus is on publications and medical affairs. I completed my PhD from the University of Toronto in cancer genetics.

Dr. Tanya Guha

Medical Writer at IPG Health Medical Communications

Iaryna Budenchuk.jpg

My name is Iaryna Budenchuk.
I am former physician, Cultural Ambassador at TMU, student, and recent graduate.

Dr. Iaryna Budenchuk

Student Staff, Student, Bachelors degree at Toronto Metropolitan University

Damien Joseph.jpeg

Product sales engineer at Alira Health, with a Masters of Health Informatics background. Host of The Next Iteration Podcast. Health Tech Nerd and On Deck Fellow.

Damien Joseph

Product Sales Engineer at Alira Health

Oluwafunmi George.jpg

My job involves incorporating the usability testing process into patient-centric co-design.

Oluwafunmi George

Associate Consultant/Patient Engagement at Alira Health


Hi there!

My name is Jay Tailor. I currently work in the medical device manufacturing industry. I love my work, as I get to see medical devices being made everyday, and I understand my roles importantance in upholding our Quality Management System. This ensures all product we manufacture is safe and compliant.

Jay Tailor

Quality Engineer at Boston Scientific

Group B

Sakeena Mihar.JPG

Sakeena Mihar is the CEO and co-founder of Savyn, an award-winning social impact venture for inclusive digital mental health care providing virtual PTSD therapies in multiple languages based in Toronto, Ontario. Savyn removes barriers to accessing mental health support to heal trauma for vulnerable groups like refugees, immigrants, veterans and other trauma survivors. Savyn has won the Desjardin Cooperathon - Social Impact award and PennyAppeal Social Accelerator fund. Sakeena also wears other hijabs in addition to being a founder. Sakeena is an equity, inclusion and social justice consultant and trainer. She runs workshops on Islamophobia, bystander intervention, equity and inclusion issues for several organizations, startups and political parties.

Sakeena Mihar

CEO and Co-Founder at Savyn Tech Inc.

Dipan Coshal.jpeg

Medical device startup Co-Founder with an engineering background and manufacturing experience.

Dipan Coshal

Co-Founder at Quantum Bolt Technologies Inc.

Jatin Coshal.jpeg

Lead associate for medical device startup.

Jatin Coshal

Lead Associate at Quantum Bolt Technologies Inc.

Steven Jones.jpg

Manufacturing engineer with a focus on microfabrication and sterile packaging.

Steven Jones

Manufacturing Engineer at Conavi Medical

Sarah Sabatinos.jpg

My lab investigates how cells grow inappropriately, and how we can target cell-killing drugs to be better used in diseases such as cancer. I received my PhD from the University of Toronto while working at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. I then completed postdoctoral training at the University of Southern California in Susan Forsburg's lab. Now back in Toronto, I am fortunate to work with an incredibly talented pool of graduate students and undergraduate researchers at the TMU MaRS Research Facility. 

Dr. Sarah Sabatinos

Graduate Program Director and Associate Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University in Chemistry and Biology

Jess Mattia.jpg

Talent Acquistion Partner for ZOLL Medical Corporation supporting our Cooperative Education program and Business Operations

Jess Mattia

Talent Acquisition Partner at ZOLL Medical Corporation

Nariman Yousefi.jpg

The research in Yousefi Lab at Toronto Metropolitan University focuses on advanced nano and hybrid materials for sustainable applications. We have expertise in developing bio-based and nano-enabled hydrogels, self-assembled 3D porous nanostructures based on graphene oxide, and antimicrobial nanomaterials. We are looking to expand the nanomaterials portfolio of our lab to healthcare applications.

Dr. Nariman Yousefi

Assistant Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University in Chemical Engineering

Aqeela Somani.JPG


Aqeela Somani

Co-Founder at Nephron Health

Sharon Gabison.jpg

Dr. Sharon Gabison is currently the Hallisey Affiliate Scientist. Her research in spinal cord injury and pressure injuries (also known as “bed sores”) along with her clinical background as a Physical Therapist has led to her interest in the development of technology and tools to prevent pressure injuries. Dr. Gabison earned her PhD in Medical Sciences from the University of Toronto while she studied the relationships between trunk function, pressure offloading and tissue health in individuals with spinal cord injury.

Dr. Sharon Gabison

Affiliate Scientist

Johnny Libenzon.jpeg

Johnny is currently working as a Product Manager at Alira Health, a global digital health & consulting firm, working primarily on decentralized clinical trial software. He has previously interned at many organizations, including companies under Loblaws, Constellation Software, and TMU's own Biomedical Zone. He holds a Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering from TMU.

Johnny Libenzon

Product Manager at Alira Health


I am an analyst within the Patient Engagement team at Alira Health.

Jessica Doherty

Analyst User Researcher at Alira Health

Kartihikeyan Umapathy.jpg

Dr. Umapathy is a Professor and Program Director of Biomedical Engineering in the dept. of ECBE, TMU. His research interests are in biomedical signal & image analysis and imaging. He and his team are part of many ongoing collaborative research works at major hospitals in Toronto.

Dr. Karthikeyan Umapathy

Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University in ECBE


Shameni is a recent graduate from UofT completing her Master's in Health Informatics. She is passionate about applying an interdisciplinary lens to discover innovative solutions and combat issues within the healthcare sector!

Shameni Selvarajah

Associate, Digital Medical Strategy at Alira Health

Nervana Wadie.jpg

Nervana Wadie graduated with a B.Eng. with Co-op from the University of Guelph. She further obtained a Masters in Biomed. Eng. from UofT. She’s experienced in materials research, ergonomics consulting, prosthetics and orthotics, urology and cardiology medical devices and collaborates with teams to develop cardiology devices from concept through prototype to launch in various countries. During her undergrad, she was the Director of Professional Development for WiSE, elected in 2016 to be the Engineering Senator, and has been awarded an In-Course Scholarship Award by PEO and was the first student keynote speaker for ONWiE Go Eng Girl in 2018 showing her passion about the BME field.

Nervana Wadie

Staff Quality Engineer - NPI at Boston Scientific (prev. Baylis Medical)

Stephane Masse.jpg

Stéphane Massé received the B.Eng degree in electrical engineering and the M.A.Sc. degree in biomedical engineering from Ecole Polytechnique. He worked as a biomedical engineer at the UofT and the Toronto General hospital where he specialized in instrumentation for cardiac activation mapping. He is now the director of The Hull Family Cardiac Fibrillation Management Laboratory at UHN. His research interests are signal processing and instrumentation applied to data acquisition systems to study and treat cardiac arrhythmias.

Stephane Masse

Biomedical Engineer at University Health Network

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